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  • Shark Tooth Puck for Bimba or any Cylinder with 7/16-20 threads


    This is my Newest addition to my Lemon Smasher! The serrated teeth will eat into the lemon and extract more juice and zest than before. It will fit any Bimba or alike cylinder with 7/16- 20 threads. If you already have purchased a press without it, you can add it to it. If you have a press that has a press end with a through hole it will fit it. It is .840" thick. There are hundreds of these presses out there that have the flat end on them. If you own one you can get one of these and upgrade Immediately! THIS IS BY FAR OUR BEST ADDITION. We have had hundreds of people notice the difference that this puck makes by extracting more juice and ZEST from the lemon!