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  • Dual Post Smasher (most popular with vendors) with Shark Tooth Puck


    Pneumatic Lemon Press for the vending business. Comes with CUSTOM MADE IN AMERICA double acting Pneumatic Cylinder.It has lexan splash guards over the puck and covering the front. The cylinder has a 3" portion of the shaft that never enters the cylinder. This helps with preventing lemon juice from getting to the seal.  This Smasher comes with My Original Shark Tooth Puck.  This custom made serrated teeth smasher head squeezes more juice and lemon zest than anything on the market! It is the greatest addition to a vendors unit that you can have! All Aluminum construction with powder coated plates and 18-8 stainless steel screws for fasteners. I have been building this model unit in my machine shop for 8 years. It is a very popular unit for lemonade vendors and I stand behind my product.FULL ONE YEAR GUARANTEE ON THE UNIT! I also have the ability to build any special version you may need! Call me at 256-310-9075 with any questions. Thanks, Warren