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  • Dual Post Smasher


    Pneumatic Lemon Press for the vending business. Comes with double acting Pneumatic Cylinder that I have custom made! It has Lexan splash guards over the puck and covering the front.  I guarantee this unit is as good or Better than anything on the market! I have had so many satisfied customers that have come to me after purchasing elsewhere. I personally build these units in my own machine shop. The cylinder has a 3" portion of the shaft that never enters the cylinder. This helps with preventing lemon juice from getting to the seal.  All Aluminum construction with powder coated plates and 18-8 stainless steel screws for fasteners. I have been building this model unit in my machine shop for 6 years. It is a very popular unit for lemonade vendors and I stand behind my product. I also have the ability to build any special version you may need! I have built alot of units to custom fit my customers needs. ALL UNITS COME WITH A FULL ONE YEAR GUARANTEE! Call me at 256-310-9075 with any questions. Thanks, Warren